Motion Rhythm Roto Compact

Roto Moulding Machine Manufacturing



Roto Compact is a medium Budgetary Versatile Machine for Road Barricades. In addition to same productivity as blow moulding, Roto compact gives benefits such as:
• Minimal Wastage
• Low Tooling Cost
• Longer Product Life
• Uniform Product Thickness
• Low Maintenance

Production Capacity

350 Road Barricades of 2mtrs
530 Barriers per Day

Salient Features

  • Average Heating Time:3-3.5 minutes/1 mm Thickness of Plastic Resin Material.
  • Average Fuel Consumption: 100 Gms (LPG)/Kg of Plastic Weight.
  • Hight-speed production.
  • The Highly efficient machine with optimum cycle time.
  • Shorter Payback Period.
  • Optimally designed Heating Chamber for Energy Efficient Heat Transfer to the moulds for fast and short cycle time, Expansion Joints prevents deformation Equipped with Machine Control / Necessary Interlocking / Safety Device / Indicator & Alarms.
  • Special Insulation Material for better Working Environment.
  • Microprocessor based Machine Control Panel With digital display.
  • Arms of Specially Treated Material for Round the Clock Working.
  • Each Arm can be Independently Moved (For Independent Arm Machine).
  • Optional PLC for Complete Automation.
  • Inbuilt Mould Positioning & Balancing Facility.
  • User Friendly Multilayer / PE From charging facility (Where applicable).

Technical Specification

L B H Major Minor Major Minor
NAROTO-FOB-0500 18.0 12.2 5.0 3600 2600 3400 2200