Pulveriser for Masterbatch / Pvc

Pulveriser for Rotomoulding
Pulveriser for Rotomoulding Machine


Naroto is pleased to introduce itself as a leading manufacturing unit engaged in the business of npu/ k-10 model pulveriser. The range of pulveriser is available from 30 kgs/hr to 500 kgs/hr. For different application, wherever a powder product is required.


Typical applications of LPU pulverisers are the grinding varieties of granulated material including high and low density plastics like: LLDPE (Reliance : 36RA 0345 & R35042, Sabic : R 50035 & M500026, IOL : 042R35A, HALENE-L : 73004T & 73005T, EL-LENE : M3804RU/RUP & M735RW/RWP, G-LENE : R35A042 ), LDPE (16 MA 400 IPCL grade for textile and wire coating), LLDPE, HDPE (26500 Reliance grade for master batch), RPVC, EVA, etc.

With the support of In-House R&D, we are pioneer in the field of manufacturing Pulveriser Machine with proven technology. More than 700 Nos. Pulveriser Machines are successfully running all over the world.

Optional Attachment

Pneumatic Hopper Loader / unloader Cooling Tower, PLC, Servo Feeder System.

Models Suitable for

1.LLDPE (Rotomoulding)
4.Powder Coating.


  • Free flowing products resulting in lower fuels consumption
  • Uniform & smooth Powder / Particle size
  • Microprocessor based machine control panel with digital display
  • Temperature indicator for monitoring and control
  • Well designed Cyclonic system for ease of cleaning With bag filter (on request) arrangement
  • High efficient hopper magnet provided in hopper to detect the metallic parts from the polymer Optionally, metal detector sensor will be provided on request
  • Feeding hopper showing low level indicator
  • Auto tripping system available in case of overload feeding
  • Main motor Ampearage and feeding device are synchronized to avoid tripping of motor due to over feed

Range Available

Wide range of Pulveriser machines having capacity from 30 Kgs-Hr. To 500 Kgs-Hr.

Optional Attachments

Pneumatic Hopper Loader/ Unloader, PLC, Chiller/Cooling Tower


Pulveriser Machine

Technical Specification

MODEL Disk Size (mm) Main Motor Only (HP)  LLDPE Out put in  Kgs/hr* LDPE Out put in Kgs/hr* RPVC Out put in Kgs/hr* Master Batch Out Put in Kgs/hr*
NAROTO-PU-030 300 15-30 60-140 50-130 70-160 60-160
NAROTO-PU-040 400 40-75 150-300 140-270 175-350 170-350
NAROTO-PU-060 600 100-120 350-500 300-450 400-550 350-550

Technical Specification Of Swift-7 Pulverizer

Specification SWIFT-7-300 SWIFT-7-400 SWIFT-7-500
Disc Dia 300 MM 400 MM 500 MM
Total Electric Power Req. HP 18.5-37 HP 48-92.5 HP 121-147 HP
Total Electric Power Req. KW 13.87-27.75 KW 36-69.3 KW 90.75-110.25 KW
Mill Motor HP 15-30 HP 40-75 HP 100-120 HP
Mill Motor KW 11.25-22.5 KW 30-56.25 KW 75-90 KW
Vibro Size 26"-32" 39"-60" 72"
Voltage As Required
Disc Setting External While Running
Feed Control TEMP.AMP.Both
Hoper Loader Optional
Dust Collector Optional
Production LLDPE(VIRGIN) AT 20 MESH 90-210 KG/HR 240-490 KG/HR 600-780 KG/HR